More than 100 million views

Tostitos 'The Party Safe Bag'

A social media campaign to encourage football fans not to drive, and instead use this bag of chips that tells you if you're over the limit and calls you a rideshare home.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein
Dir: John X. Carey

Google 'Questions'

A spot campaign demonstrating the power of the Google App. Creating spots like these motion graphics pieces takes many, many iterations as narrative flow and each piece of text, design, music, query and response are exhaustively brought to perfection. As a result these projects can take longer to perfect than might seem, and many versions hit the cutting room floor along the way.

Agency: 72 & Sunny

Scion 'Make Every Second Count'

Real people from various walks of life were each given cameras and asked to document their own lives for a month.

Agency: Attik
Dir: Doug Pray


Ford 'Prudhoe Bay'

A documentary spot about life and the use of Ford trucks in the extremely harsh conditions on the Alaskan North Slope oil fields.

Agency: Team Detroit
Dir: Ondi Timoner

Xbox 'Launch'

This spot opened the launch event for the new Xbox, and features tech and gaming luminaries such as Bill Gates, J Allard, Hideo Kojima and Alex Kipman, notable gamers from the community, and entertainment industry A-listers like Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and JJ Abrams.

Agency: 215McCann
Dir: Doug Pray

Google 'Frank'

A documentary commercial about a young couple from Austin, TX, who started a restaurant in the midst of the 2007 recession - and grew from there.

Agency: Google Creative Labs & Good/Corps
Dir: Brett Fallentine

Edwin Jeans

I've cut three campaigns for Edwin Jeans, the biggest jeans brand in Japan, all of which starred Brad Pitt, This spot was from the first campaign directed by Meiert Avis, with a very fresh style at the time.

Agency: Yomiko
Director: Meiert Avis
Agency: Yomiko
Director: Meiert Avis
Alejandro Inarritu was just moving to LA from Mexico when he did this series of spots, shot in the old Ambassador Hotel (where RFK was shot, and since demolished). He brought an abstract humour to the campaign, and I ended up writing the tag for this dancing spot.

Agency: Yomiko
Dir: Aléjandro González Iñárritu
Guy Ritchie added a bizarro sense of humour when he made a series of 28 spots for the campaign. Major bonus points for getting the word "arse" into a spot.

Agency: Yomiko
Director: Guy Ritchie

Toyota Corolla - 'Band'

An indie band prefers to save their pennies and tour in a car other than a van.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Dir: Jessica Yu

ESPN - 'Frozen'

Ice skating as a visual dream, featuring Keifer Sutherland.

Agency: Ground Zero
Dir: Meiert Avis

Payless - 'Baile'

I cut this fabulous dance routine for Vincent Paterson, choreographer to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Van Halen, and Donna Summer among many others. Before the shoot he gave a wonderful speech to the crew about how painful and dangerous it was for the girls to shoot routines like these over and over in shoes that weren't really dance shoes.

Agency: Bromley
Dir: Vincent Paterson

Google 'Awkward'

Spot for Google celebrating those 'difficult years' of braces, goofy routines and every kind of WIN.

Agency: Enso

Partnership For A Drug Free America - 'Everybody's Doin It'

I directed and edited this film for the Partnership For A Drug Free America, and for me it remains the most powerful work I've ever done. I lost a sibling to heroin and am always thinking of you Peter.

Awards: Belding Silver Bowl

Agency: Ground Zero
Dir: Philip Owens